Looking for an employee with a very specific skillset? Many companies face such challenges nowadays, and it takes resourcefulness and flexibility to find just the right experts. Why not focus on your business and let us do the difficult work?
We provide dependable workers who understand the importance of maintaining product quality, as well as meeting and exceeding customer expectations.
Just ask any of the companies we work with – they no longer waste time with looking for the right personnel, and instead focus on developing their products and services to ensure they succeed in the increasingly competitive markets of today.


National and European regulations on human resources can be daunting, especially for small companies who lack a dedicated HR department. With our years of expertise in labour law, as well as practical experience, we provide professional advice on obtaining all the required permits, reporting etc.
Not only that, we can also help you with everyday tasks and decisions and provide customised solutions for all such issues, both simple and complex.

Svetovanje s področja delovnega prava

Kako ravnati v primerih redne ali izredne odpovedi delovnega razmerja z vaše strani ali strani delavca, kako ravnati v primeru delavčeve kršitve pogodbenih obveznosti, pomoč pri vodenju disciplinskih postopkov, pomoč pri odmeri letnega dopusta in regresa, jubilejne nagrade in drugi aktualni nasveti z delovno pravnega področja …

Svetovanje glede delovnih dovoljenj

Urejanje dokumentacije in vodenje postopka za pridobitev delovnih dovoljenj po Sporazumu med Republiko Slovenijo in Bosno in Hercegovino ter Sporazumu med Republiko Slovenijo in Republiko Srbijo.

urejanje dovoljenj za prebivanje

Urejanje dokumentacije in vodenje postopka za pridobitev Enotnega dovoljenja za prebivanje in delo za državljane tretjih držav (MKD, Kosovo, Črna Gora itd)